88 RUE DU RHONE launches its new Advertising Campaign

– Born To Be Different –

88 RUE DU RHONE unveils its bold new advertising campaign, which underlines the Brand’s ambition to break the rules. The campaign is based on the concept of duality, and the saying, “there are two sides to everyone,” and invites us to embrace the different elements within ourselves. To embody this idea, 88 RUE DU RHONE has collaborated with talented emerging UK make-up artist, Oliver Leach.

The team behind the campaign wanted the look and feel to be artistic and contemporary – reflecting the brand’s DNA, and its mix of tradition and modernity. Pierre and Juliane Bernheim, the couple behind the Brand, were chosen to be the models, embodying the duality of men and women; husband and wife.

The campaign is composed of a series of four photos, each one referring to one of the four seasons, which are so distinctive in Switzerland:


The autumnal look was inspired by the beauty and subsequent decay of nature. Leach references this duality with the model’s hair, taking inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic Literary and Art movements for the makeup. He styled the hair to mimic romantic era depictions of powerful, strong women. The concept of this look embraces the characteristics of what it means to be “Born to Be Different,” as he creates a dramatic contrast between the conformity of one side and the wild nature of the autumnal other.


The artist drew inspiration from the Black Swan movie, both in its look and storytelling. The bold and dramatic brush strokes used were directly influenced by the plumage of birds, using specific shading to adapt and change the structure of the face. Using a winter white background with splatters of blue and black paint and diamanté, the artist has created an almost celestial look.


For Spring, the young artist was originally drawn to the Impressionist style and colour choices of Claude Monet’s, The Water Lilies, which also references the dragonfly, an upcoming majestic 88 RUE DU RHONE timepiece. Typically, dragonflies are found around large bodies of water, hence the choice of water lilies as the focus of Spring. This look embraces a less precise style of painting, using bold colour strokes to create a powerful yet soft final look, which compliments the dragonfly jewellery made by Leach.


The inspiration for Summer was the sea. Leach chose to look at how beautiful yet powerful this season can be. The juxtaposition of the delicate shells and the dominant blue and green hues exemplifies the line “Born to Be Different.”  The intricacy of the shell’s surface reminds the viewer of the complex inner workings of a watch.

About Oliver Leach:

Oliver is a young artist from Manchester, an area of the UK in which the arts has famously flourished.

He is passionate about the arts, taking an unconventional approach, with his gothic/surreal style. What mostly drew him to the medium was the ability to apply two-dimensional art to the 3D form of the face, combining painting and sculpture.

His artistic process begins with trial and error as he refines his ideas to suit a specific brief. He describes the stages of his work as split into an idea, then plan, and finally, the execution of the creation. The process of creating a make-up look can take weeks and Leach often practices on himself several times; the final look can vary greatly from the initial experimental one. Each look takes around three hours to complete.

Juliane and Pierre Bernheim met Leach at a vernissage in London. The campaign seeks to champion young artistic talent and reflects the modernity and freshness which is at the heart of 88 RUE DU RHONE.

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